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Voice Training and Body Language

In our trainings and workshops you will learn, how to

  • apply specific techniques to optimise the use of your voice while having a speech or presenting.

  • maintain good voice resonance in a challenging situation.

  • have a better control over nervousness, breathing and carrying capacity of your voice.


We will have a look at:

  • our voice: construction and function

  • vocal training: articulation; interaction between voice, body and breath: body awareness and body language 

  • how to use the impact of our voice

  • use of our voice in hybrid- and online-sessions

SITC Your Voice and Vocal Coach.

"How we use our voice when speaking is just as important as what we say with our words. Vocal presence can be a crucial part of a professional skillset and commanding the room during a meeting presentation. Just as the wind’s voice often complements the bursts of weather it carries, the rush and gusts we give our voices complement our messages with our intentions. To rise above the linguistic chatter on the job, combine these vocal elements for a powerful and resonant speaking style that energizes audiences, brings teams together, and transforms workplace dialogues to achieve lasting impact."

Ref. Bullock Dan & Sánchez Raúl (2022). Don´t Underestimate the Power of Your Voice. Harvard Business Review.

Your Voice!

  • easy to understand

  • speak with resonance

  • ​​voice-impact with WOW!-effect

  • active and colourful modulation

  • use the deep frequencies of your voice

Body Language!

  • authentic and genuine

  • professional and adequate

  • show self-confidence and modesty

  • Use gestures to persuade and structure

Be active, relaxed and professional - but always yourself!


SITC Training

Best practise - Feedback - Know-how - Self Reflection

"We train your skills."

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SITC Coaching

Listening - Questioning- Unblocking limiting beliefs

"We coach your personality."

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SITC Academy

Lectures - Classes - Keynote Speeches  - Incentives

"We teach the know-how."

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