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Business Coaching

  • Do you feel stucked and frustrated? Misunderstood and fooled?

  • Do you delay and postpone actions and decisions to be taken?

  • Do you work more and harder than ever - but nothing is evolving?

Make sure, your mindset is serving you! Getting unstuck is about having a positive mindset and better tactics. You´ve got access to your internal programming and: you can rewrite it.

Stop procrastinating and save time by thinking systematically through your decisions before you take action!

S.I.T.C. Your expert in Business and Personal Coaching:

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Business Coaching for

Individuals, Executives, Teams

Together with you:

  • We analyse and learn.

  • We question and gain insights.

  • We challenge and find new ways.

Our coaches are

  • experienced executives & entrepreneurs.

  • excellent listeners and questioners.

  • straightforward and honest.

  • discreet, reliable and patient.

  • experienced in life, crisis and conflicts.

... prepare your crucial personal requirements for the

next decade

  1. Resilience

  2. Confidence

  3. Managing ambiguity

  4. Perseverance and motivation

  5. Ability to work under pressure


SITC Training

Best practise - Feedback - Know-how - Self Reflection

"We train your skills."

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SITC Coaching

Listening - Questioning- Unblocking limiting beliefs

"We coach your personality."

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SITC Academy

Lectures - Classes - Keynote Speeches  - Incentives

"We teach the know-how."