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  • Effective communication is more then just exchanging information. It is about understanding the emotions and intentions of the counterpart. It is about cooperation with others instead of confrontation or domination.

  • Effective communication is first of all listening of what´s being said and making the counterpart being heard and understood.

  • Effective communication needs the ability of perspective-shift. It is the understanding of a situation or a concept from an alternative point of view.

But, why do people face misunderstandings, conflicts and frustration? Communicating more clearly and effectively requires self-confidence, self-reflection and important communication skills.


SITC Your expert in training, coaching and teaching Communication Skills in:

Top Skills Employers Look For in 2022

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Impactful Interviews


Professional Small Talks

Succesfull Negotiations

The Art of Professional Storytelling


SITC Training

Best practise - Feedback - Know-how - Self Reflection

"We train your skills."

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SITC Coaching

Listening - Questioning- Unblocking limiting beliefs

"We coach your personality."

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SITC Academy

Lectures - Classes - Keynote Speeches  - Incentives

"We teach the know-how."

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