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Science Communication - SciComm

We teach and train the crucial know-how, techniques and insights.

Pitch your research and project!

Get funding!

Engage and attract your audience!

​​​SITC Your expert in state-of-the-art science communication

"Science communication aims to enhance public scientific awareness, understanding,
literacy, and culture by building AEIOU responses in its participants. (Awareness, Enjoyment, Interest, Opinion-forming, and Understanding of science).

It empowers the public to attain “. . . an interest in science, a confidence to talk about it, and a willingness to engage with science wherever and whenever it crosses their paths."

(Ref: Burns, T. & O'Connor, John & Stocklmayer, S.. (2003). Science Communication: A Contemporary Definition. Public Understanding of Science - PUBLIC UNDERST SCI. 12. 183-202. 10.1177/09636625030122004.

You experience and train

  • how to express orally scientific methodology, processes, results and insights in a clear, systematic, stringend and entertaining way.

  • how to maintain attention and interest of the audience with RLC: Radical Listener Centricity.

Your trainer and coach moderates and initializes

  • general and individual feedback

  • training and personal improvement, based on the feedback-process

  • to gently nudge you out of your comfort-zone


SITC Training

Best practise - Feedback - Know-how - Self Reflection

"We train your skills."

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SITC Coaching

Listening - Questioning- Unblocking limiting beliefs

"We coach your personality."

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SITC Academy

Lectures - Classes - Keynote Speeches  - Incentives

"We teach the know-how."

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